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Top 5 Best Davenport, Iowa Fireworks Stores and Stands

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Trying to find fireworks can be a struggle, sometimes even when the stores and stands are open for the season. Some may not always be at the same place, and some may only be open for a limited time in the summer and December.

They are a great addition to any special occasion and a lot of fun for the whole family. They are perfect for marking birthdays, a new addition to the family, a graduation, and all your family events.

They don’t have to be used for only two events throughout the year. Why not get them and keep them to use whenever you feel like celebrating something with a big bang.

Check out these stands and stores if you live in or around Davenport, and make sure you buy more than you need, and then store them safely at home for another great adventure that is sure to come along.

Here are some stores and stands that may be near you.

Top Five Davenport Fireworks Stores and Stands

As always, take care when using and handling fireworks, as they can cause a lot of damage to property, injure you or someone else, and even worse.

1. Crossroads Fireworks

Crossroads Fireworks carries the largest fireworks selection in the state of Iowa, with top brands and the highest-quality items covering every type of legal consumer firework.

Iowa laws now permit the sale of all consumer fireworks allowed by federal law, so anything that can be legally purchased in well-known legal fireworks states like Missouri can now be purchased in Iowa.

Crossroads carries everything from firecrackers and bottle rockets to reloadable artillery and 500-gram “cakes” (aerial repeaters). Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to greet you on your visit to any of our locations.

Crossroads Fireworks
875 Middle Rd
Bettendorf, IA 52722
Phone: (563) 265-1199

2. Uncle Norm’s Fireworks

They are the only locally and family-owned fireworks retailer, serving the Quad Cities for 15 years, with a 100% product guarantee. They offer the largest selection of high-quality fireworks to satisfy the entire family.

With decades of experience in the fireworks industry, it’s safety first, to ensure a fireworks display to thrill the entire family! You won’t find that quality of service from the out-of-town vendors.

Uncle Norm’s Fireworks
10800 Hillcrest Rd
Milan, IL 61264
Phone: (309) 787-0100

3. Memory Fireworks

Memory Fireworks has locations that conveniently cover the entire state of North Dakota. This allows them to bring you the largest selection of fireworks that are available in the entire United States.

They also travel to China in search of the absolute best fireworks and bring back many exclusive fireworks that become part of their Memory Series and Dakota Series fireworks packs.

The Memory and Dakota Series are packed with the absolute best in fireworks quality at an affordable price

Memory Fireworks
Phone: (701) 588-4034

4. Castle Fireworks

At Castle Fireworks LLC, their customers come first and they pride themselves on making sure you find exactly what you have in mind. If you need assistance, have ideas, or need special service, just ask and they will be happy to help.

With 8 different locations, serving Iowa and Missouri, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for. They carry all the top brand names you love, so check their site for a location near you.

Castle Fireworks

5. Cornellier Fireworks

Cornellier Fireworks Co. specializes in high-quality consumer fireworks such as firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles, artillery shell kits, giant repeaters, fountains, sparklers, assortments, novelties and so much more.

They feature their own Cornellier Badger brand fireworks, and we are an exclusive distributor of Great Grizzly brand. They also carry Glorious, Shogun, Brothers, Panda, Cannon, and BlackCat brand items.

Check them out for seasonal specials, deals and packages. They have stores along Interstate 90/94 in Wisconsin and a store in South Beloit, Illinois. They also have over 50 temporary locations through Wisconsin, open for the months of June and July.

Cornellier Fireworks

Davenport Fireworks Stands and Stores

There you are, a great place to start. Many of these places have several locations, so make sure you check for the ones closest to you. Many have a lot of bargains and package deals.

Remember that safety needs to come first. If you are not sure how these work, ask the staff at the store or the stand to show you or explain it to you. You want to enjoy your fireworks, but you also need to be safe.

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