Top 5 Best Atlanta Fireworks Stands & Stores

March 31, 2021
Top 5 Best Atlanta Fireworks Stands & Stores

Searching for fireworks stores in Atlanta?

Every season, thousands of people in Atlanta search for “fireworks stands near me”.

Finding fireworks in the offseason might not be as easy as you think it is. But just because they are not available doesn’t mean you don’t want to set some off.

Fireworks are a fun addition to any party, family gathering, or special occasion. When you find a few brands you really like, buy a few more than you need.

Then, the next time you want to set off some fireworks, you can, Providing you store them correctly and they don’t get wet, they should last for as long as you need.

There is no reason why you can’t use fireworks to mark all the special events in your lives. They are a lot of fun and make every event just that much more special and memorable.

As long as you use them correctly and safely, fireworks make a great bonus to all your special days. What better way is there to mark a milestone birthday, anniversary, graduation, or new addition to the family?

Here are the five top fireworks stands or stores in the Atlanta area.

Top Five Best Atlanta Fireworks Stands & Stores

If you are having a hard time finding fireworks in the Atlanta area, here are a few stores or stands that may be close to you. Be sure to check their hours of operation, as some may be only seasonal.

1. Pyro City Fireworks

Pyro City is your year-round destination for fireworks and the largest firework retailer in the state. firework retailer in the state. Shop the biggest bangs, brightest colors, and largest selection of Black Cat fireworks. 100% no dud guarantee.

Located on the I-20 access road (Iris Drive) between exits 78 and 80. Check out their 8,500 square foot showroom for the best firework prices, quality, and service. You can see them before you buy them with their multiple HD TVs.

Pyro City Fireworks
1800 Iris Drive SW
Conyers, Georgia 30094
Phone: (770) 648-8349

2. Super Show Fireworks

Super Show Fireworks was founded as a DBA of Southeastern Fireworks in 2002. In the early days, they operated out of numerous 20×10 Blue and Gold Trailers that they assembled on-site.

Their first warehouse was located in the Trussville AL area. In 2006 Super Show Fireworks became a stand-alone entity with the opening of their first year-round Supercenter on I-59 in the Trussville AL area.

Find all your favorite and trusted brands year-round for great deals and you can shop in person or arrange for a delivery.

Super Show Fireworks
Check website for locations
Phone: (205) 661-3991

3. All Star Fireworks

This is a permanent store and they open every day. They are located in the foothills of Appalachia, Calhoun, Georgia.

They have been fond of Fireworks our entire life and we want to share the joy and experience with you. Whether you’ve never shot a firework in your life, or you’re as experienced as they are, they are happy to give you the greatest deal on fireworks in Georgia.

Choose from all your favorite brand-name fireworks and ask about their ongoing deals, in particular, for all military families. They have everything you need for a small gathering to a large blowout event.

All Star Fireworks
976 Highway 53 West/Southwest
Calhoun, Georgia 30701
Phone: (770) 548–9296

4. Prewett’s Fruit Stand

Don’t let the name fool you. Yes, you can get a great deal on some amazing fruit and vegetables, but you can also get fireworks. They carry all the brands you love.

The store is permanent and opens every day. They have been at this location since 1974 and you can get fresh peaches, other fruit and vegetables, plus jams, pickled items, and homemade sauces and salsa.

Stock up on everything when you go in and don’t forget to ask about their fireworks part of the store.

Prewett’s Fruit Stand
2222 US-41 North
Calhoun, Ga. 30701
Phone: (706) 503-1441

5. Dixie Ammo Dump

Check out their large selection of fireworks. Check in with them to check that they have fireworks all year long, or just for the Fourth of July and New Year’s.

Dixie Ammo Dump
237 Amy Industrial Ln
Hoschton, GA, 30548
Phone: (706) 654-5614

Now You Are Ready to Go to The Best Fireworks Stores and Stands in Atlanta!

Hopefully, this list will help you when you need to find fireworks stands for your next big event in Atlanta. Be sure to check their hours of operation, as some may not be open all year long.

Other stores may sell other items, and only carry the fireworks during the busy season, when they are in demand, like December and July. If you need fireworks for your party, check out the full-time locations for the best deals and options.

And be sure to check out the best fireworks on the planet!