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Are There Any Security Considerations for Running a Fireworks Store?

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What are the most important security considerations for running a fireworks store?

Since you obviously don’t want to lose money because of lost or stolen fireworks, pay close attention to the security aspects. Consider the following cautionary advice to keep your stand, tent, or store safer for you and everyone else involved.

Top Security Considerations for Running a Fireworks Store

Security is very important, especially in recent years. The risk of theft depends a lot on your location, and you’ll know more about the specifics in your city or neighborhood than we do. For new business owners, this will even play a role in the place you select for your business (although you may have limited options).

Security is an enormous concern particularly when July 4th arrives. In fact, many fireworks stores have their own security officer on-site because of the high volume and as a deterrent. Fortunately, since we use debit and credit cards for more transactions now, there isn’t the same high risk as the old days, but you still have to watch out for thieves swiping fireworks.

Therefore, we believe you should protect your fireworks, yourself, your staff, and customers with some kind of security. This is perhaps most pertinent to off-hours, when most of the trouble occurs. That’s when you may experience a burglary, so you’ll want to invest in an off-hour security guard, or at least some friends who can help you perform night-watch.

Other Security Considerations for Running a Fireworks Store

Keep in mind that most states won’t allow you to sleep in the actual fireworks store or tent, so you’ll have to have somebody remain awake during off-hours. That person may have to watch and call law enforcement in the rare event of a burglary.

99.5% of the time, the folks who walk up to your business have good intentions. There is, however, that 0.5% of people who may want to steal something. The remedy to this problem is to anticipate problems, enact preventative safeguards, and leave nothing unguarded for long.

At any rate, it’s important to remember that there’s nothing in your tent worth anybody getting hurt over in the event of an altercation. That’s also why it helps to get your employees to look out for anything suspicious, including in the parking lot area. When in doubt, contact law enforcement if you notice anything unusual.

One Last Security Tip: Never Go it Alone

From what we’ve mentioned, you might surmise that the best way to avoid trouble with burglars is to work as a team with other people you trust. You’ve heard us mention before that it’s so important to have reliable staff to help you operate your busy store or tent during that crucial 4th of July period.

The other added benefit is that they can be your eyes and ears for everything, provided they’re dependable. That’s why if you’re running a new fireworks business, it’s so imperative to find your staff months in advance, well before July 4th. Otherwise, you leave yourself exposed and a thief could make off with some of those expensive multi-shot aerial fireworks.

If you wait until the last second to do this, you could end up guarding your fireworks stand or tent alone . . . for two weeks straight without sleep. We don’t recommend this approach.

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