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Are There Any Add-on or Ancillary Products I Should Consider Selling?

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Are there any add-on or ancillary products I should consider selling when I open my business?

This is where you think about all the other merchandise you would sell along with fireworks. Depending on the size and sophistication of your retail location, you may want to add other things like branded apparel and even food for 4th of July shoppers. This article will offer suggestions on those secondary products you can sell to reinforce fireworks sales.

What are the Most Common Add-on or Ancillary Products I Should Consider Selling?

So, this is the more advanced territory where you look into other things besides your primary fireworks merchandise. As you may have noticed, many businesses include items like t-shirts and other apparel in their stores, usually to help brand exposure.

First, we recommend focusing on the fireworks aspect of your business before branching out into ancillary products. If for no other reason, because carrying and storing fireworks is much more complicated than all those other things. This will require most of your focus because fireworks are heavily regulated, and you can’t put them in any old place, whereas other add-on items can go anywhere.

Second, it’s important to remember that every dollar you spend on extra ancillary products is one less dollar you could use purchasing more profitable fireworks.

Then, you have to be careful with certain add-on items you sell. In most jurisdictions it’s illegal, for example, to sell lighters (and other incendiary devices) in the same area as fireworks. We highly discourage having a torch or lighter anywhere near fireworks in a tent or store (this will almost always garner negative attention from the local fire marshal).

Selling Items Versus Giving Them Away

So, yes, you can sell t-shirts, but it’s often better to restrict these to give-away, promotional items. There’s nothing wrong with the free advertising that comes from somebody wearing your business’s T-shirt, but don’t make it a big sales emphasis.

Also, it makes more sense to sell Black Cat t-shirts, mugs, or tumblers when you have a large showroom rather than from a small fireworks stand. New sellers probably won’t get into this that much during the first year or two of business.

Other Add-on or Ancillary Products I Should Consider Selling

What about selling food at a fireworks tent or stand?

While some sellers may want to include a hotdog or beverage component to attract customers around 4th of July, this makes your operation more complicated. It requires you to obtain more permits and comply with other rules whenever you sell food.

Just like any restaurant or food establishment, you’ll have to abide by the regulations of your local health department. This is not a bad idea, and could help your business grow, but do your research and make sure everything is properly permitted.

Black Cat’s Approach to Apparel

Of course, when you look around our website, you’ll notice we dedicate a section specifically to apparel, which we call Black Cat Threads. You can check this out when you’ve gotten to where you want to expand your business by offering items such as:

  • Shirts
  • Lighter Matts
  • Richardson 112 Hats
  • Black Cat Collectible Bobbleheads
  • Custom Knit Socks
  • Playing Cards
  • . . . and much more!

Black Cat: America’s Top Brand for High-Quality Fireworks

So, in conclusion, we recommend sellers master all the basics of fireworks before getting too carried away with ancillary items. It’s way more important to have your fireworks tent fully stocked with plenty of firecrackers, bottle rockets, sparklers, missile fireworks, and fountains before worrying about hot dogs, cookies, and shirts.

Black Cat Fireworks has been in business for over seven decades, and much of those early years involved selling nothing but fireworks. Now, folks all across America recognize us as the most popular and reliable brand of fireworks.

Contact us today to find out about any other add-on or ancillary products I should consider selling.

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