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8 Interesting Firework Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

fireworks facts

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Most of us likely only think about fireworks when they are going off, but there are some interesting fireworks facts you might be interested in. Fireworks have a long history and were not originally meant for entertainment.

Nowadays, we associate them with holidays and celebrations. They have been used throughout history in ceremonies, to ward off predators, and as weapons. Traditionally now for the Fourth of July, here are a few fun facts.

8 Interesting Firework Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Not just for once-a-year celebrations, people are using fireworks to celebrate important milestones, like a new baby, new job, retirement, and anniversaries.

1. Fireworks Were Made in China

Whether by accident or design, there are rumors of both, the fireworks got their humble beginning in China hundreds of years ago. An easy mixture of charcoal, sulfur, and potassium nitrate, or saltpeter, and the rest is history.

These ingredients stuffed into a bamboo shoot either eventually exploded on their own or were used in a fire to scare off predators and mountain men that may have seemed dangerous.

2. Blue Fireworks are the Most Difficult to Make

Even though all fireworks contain the same type of ingredients, blue is the most difficult to get right. An interesting fireworks fact is that different chemicals added to the fireworks burn differently, which makes them that particular color. To make blue they need to add copper, but if it burns too hot, it goes white or silver.

3. Italians Made Fireworks Colorful

When the Italians first started to use fireworks, they started to put them in aerial shells and added the chemicals that burn to make the colors. Metallic powers are added and when they burn, they burn off in different colors.

4. The Disney Company is one of the Biggest Consumers of Fireworks

Another interesting firework fact is that Disney uses tons of them every single year. They are not only set off in their trademark display over the castle, but they use them to relay an entire story, as well.

5. Fireworks Were at The First Fourth of July Celebration

The first Independence Day celebration included fireworks because that’s the same year they arrived in America. Besides the fireworks, there were thirteen rockets set off at the beginning of the display and at the end. Fireworks have been used ever since.

6. Americans Spend Millions on Fireworks

Not too much of a surprise on this interesting fireworks fact that Americans love their fireworks. While they all vary in price, people in America spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on their fireworks.

7. People Set World Records

Another interesting fireworks fact is in 2014, Dubai wowed the world with an incredible display of fireworks. This set a world record for the largest firework display ever recorded.

Not to be outshined, the Philippines upped their game two years later. On January 1, 2016, in the pouring rain, no less, the team set off 810,904 fireworks. The show lasted just over an hour and still stands in the Guinness World Records.

8. Fireworks Give us Heat, Light, and Sound

Fireworks generate all three forms of energy. The cracking or banging noises you hear after the explosion is from the quick release of energy, which causes the air to expand faster than the speed of sound, actually causing a shockwave.

Interesting Firework Facts

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